Event to support Social Activities undertaken by Shrimad Rajchandra Aatma Tatva Research Centre

About The Conclave

Indian Capital Markets’ Fundamental and Technical Analysis wizards come together on a single stage to share their expertise making it a “must-attend” event for you. A unique opportunity for portfolio managers, investment advisors, asset allocators, private investors, investment analysts and students to gain value directly from the brightest minds of the capital market industry.

Most speakers are owners of advisory firms and/or manage proprietary investment portfolios that have outperformed the market for many years. They sparingly share their insights in any public forum, but they agreed to volunteer their time to “The Complete Investing Conclave (TCIC)”.

All proceeds from the event will go towards supporting social initiatives promoted by Shrimad Rajchandra Aatma Tatva Research Centre (SRATRC), Rajnagar, Khopoli, Maharashtra.

Who's Speaking?

Trailblazers from industry take the stage to share secret knowledge on equity market.

Alok Jain


Founder (Weekendinvesting.com / STAIRS2PROFIT)

Chetan Phalke


CIO & Founder, Alpha Invesco

Deepak Shenoy


Fund Manager & Founder, Capitalmind

Dhruvesh Sanghvi


Co Founder, Prospero Tree Fin Services

Jatin Khemani


CEO, Stalwart Advisors

Kunal Rambhia


Fund Manager, The Streets

Nooresh Merani


Founder, Analyse India

Nooruddin S Fidai


Ex Banker & Technical Analyst

Achira H Mehta

(Ex McKinsey and TEDx Speaker)-SRATRC

Event Schedule

  • Time
  • 10.00 AM
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  • 10.45 AM
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    Welcome Address
  • 11.00 AM
    speaker-1 Alok Jain
    Stock / Sector Pitch
  • 11.30 PM
    speaker-2 Chetan Phalke
    Stock / Sector Pitch
  • 12.00 PM
    speaker-3 Deepak Shenoy
    Stock / Sector Pitch
  • 12.30 PM
    speaker-4 Dhruvesh Sanghvi
    Stock / Sector Pitch
  • 1.00 PM
    favicon Networking Lunch
  • 2.00 PM
    speaker-5 Jatin Khemani
    Stock / Sector Pitch
  • 2.30 PM
    favicon Achira H Mehta
    SRATRC Presentation
  • 3.00 PM
    speaker-6 Kunal Rambhia
    Stock / Sector Pitch
  • 3.30 PM
    favicon High Tea
  • 4.00 PM
    speaker-7 Nooresh Merani
    Stock / Sector Pitch
  • 4.30 PM
    speaker-8 Nooruddin S Fidai
    Stock / Sector Pitch
  • 5.00 PM
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    Vote of Thanks

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